Lowell Lecture

Money & Power: A Debate

Date & Time

Oct. 10, 2013


Modern Theatre
525 Washington Street Boston, MA 02111
Driving Directions


Hedrick Smith (Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, The New York Times) and Yaron Brook (President, Ayn Rand Institute)

Moderated by Rachael Cobb (Chair, Suffolk University CAS Government Department)

Presenting Organization

Ford Hall Forum at Suffolk University


Current Affairs

Associate Professor Rachael Cobb (Chair, SU CAS Government Dept.) moderates a critical debate between former New York Times journalist Hedrick Smith and Ayn Rand Institute President Yaron Brook on money and power. Smith argues that a pro-business power shift in Washington and a change in the American business ethos away from stakeholder capitalism to shareholder capitalism has created a harmful economic divide in America. Brook counters that today's mess is a product, not of capitalism, but of empowering the government to restrict free enterprise and dole out favors to preferred groups. Smith offers ideas for reviving middle class power and prosperity, while Brook tells us how laissez-faire capitalism offers individuals on all levels of ability the greatest promise of prosperity in this incredible debate on wealth and power in the 21st century.