Lowell Lecture

Lee and Nile Albright Symposium: Can We Change Our Genes?

Date & Time

Oct. 30, 2013


Museum of Science
1 Science Park Boston, MA 02114
Driving Directions


Tim Spector, MD, Professor of Genetic Epidemiology at King's College London; Director of the Twins UK Registry; and author, Identically Different: Why We Can Change Our Genes.

Presenting Organization

Museum of Science



If you share most of the same genetic material, what makes you so different from your siblings? How much are the things you choose to do every day - what you eat, how you vote, who you love - determined by your genes, and how much is your own free will? Using fascinating case studies of identical twins, leading geneticist Tim Spector explains how even real-life "clones" with the same upbringing turn out in reality to be unique. Join us for a compelling examination of how we become the individuals that we are. Book signing to follow.

Part of the On Being Human series celebrating the opening of the new Hall of Human Life at the Museum of Science.

Advance registration begins at 9:00 a.m., Wednesday October 16 (Monday October 14 for Museum members) at mos.org/events.