Lowell Lecture

Immigrant Struggles, Immigrant Gifts

Date & Time

Oct. 8, 2014


First Parish Church in Cambridge
3 Church Street Cambridge, MA 02138
Driving Directions


Deborah Dash Moore, historian, University of Michigan William G. Ross,professor law, Samford University Alex Nowrasteh, policy analyst, Cato Institute Diane Portnoy, founder, The Immigrant Learning Center

Presenting Organization

Cambridge Forum


Current Affairs

This summer's focus on the 50,000+ children crossing the southern border of the United States is the latest in a series of events that has brought U.S. immigration policy into sharp relief. Are current policies adequate for today's immigrant experience? How is modern immigration different from that of previous generations? By examining the immigrant experience of various ethnic and religious groups throughout U.S. history, the book Immigrant Struggles, Immigrant Gifts demonstrates that the same patterns of native resistance, immigrant struggles and contributions have occurred over and over again. This panel discussion featuring historian Deborah Dash Moore, Constitutional law expert William G. Ross, and policy analyst Alex Nowrasteh of the Cato Institute puts today's immigration debate into a larger political, historical, sociological and legal perspective. Diane Portnoy, founder and CEO of The Immigrant Learning Center, Inc. moderates.