Lowell Lecture

The Civil Rights Movement Comes to Harvard Square

Date & Time

Nov. 19, 2014


First Parish Church in Cambridge
3 Church Street Cambridge, MA 02138
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Betsy Siggins, founder Folk New England Jack Landron, musician

Presenting Organization

Cambridge Forum


Current Affairs

Fifty years ago the Civil Rights Movement, which was culminating nationally with the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, came to Harvard Square in music. Club 47 (predecessor to the current Club Passim) booked African American artists active in the Southern Civil Rights Movement. What did these performers experience in Harvard Square? How did their music resonate in Cambridge? A panel including Betsy Siggins, who booked acts at Club 47, and Jack Landron, who performed as Jackie Washington, discusses the music that brought the Civil Rights Movement home to Harvard Square.

Co-sponsored by Folk New England and Passim