Lowell Lecture

A Bumpy Ride

Date & Time

April 23, 2015


C. Walsh Theatre at Suffolk University
Suffolk University
55 Temple Street Boston, MA 02114
Driving Directions

  • Stephanie Pollack (Secretary, MassDOT)
  • Steve Regan (spokesman, MA Regional Taxi Advocacy Group)
  • Steve DelBianco (Executive Director, NetChoice)
  • Sabrina Maloney (driver, Lyft)
  • Moderator: Hiawatha Bray (reporter, Boston Globe)
Presenting Organization

Ford Hall Forum at Suffolk University


Current Affairs

Uber and Lyft are warring with cab companies in every major city and the controversy is heating up in Boston. Are Lyft and Uber skirting regulations and is this related to the safety issues that have arisen with these services? Or are the taxi companies simply crying foul because their business model is outdated? In this conversation on a pivotal local issue, we talk about what's fair to the companies when the rules of the road change, and what's best for Bostonians on the move.