Lowell Lecture

Mass Extinction: Life on the Brink

Date & Time

Oct. 14, 2015 at 6:30 p.m.


Cahners Theater, Blue Wing, Level II at Museum of Science
1 Science Park Boston, MA 02114
Driving Directions


Jonathan Payne, PhD, associate professor of geological sciences, Stanford University; and Sarah Holt, Producer, Director and Writer of Mass Extinction for Howard Hughes Medical Institute/Tangled Bank Studios, and NOVA/PBS

Presenting Organization

Museum of Science



It’s a mystery on a global scale: five times in Earth’s past, life has been nearly extinguished, the vast majority of plants and animals annihilated in a geologic instant. The “K/T Extinction” wiped out the dinosaurs; “The Great Dying” obliterated nearly 90% of all Earth’s species. What triggered these dramatic events? And what might they tell us about the fate of our world? Travel through time and around the world as the film Mass Extinction: Life at the Brink explores some of our most compelling questions around what happened, when such devastation could happen again, and how we as species may cause – or prevent – a sixth extinction.

Introduction and post-screening conversation with Dr. Payne, featured scientist, and Sarah Holt, producer, director, and writer of the documentary.

Advance registration begins at 9:00 a.m., Wednesday September 30 (Monday, September 28 for Museum members) at mos.org/events.