Lowell Lecture

Paul Revere Memorial Association Lecture Series

Date & Time

Sept. 11, 2013


Old South Meeting House
310 Washington Street Boston, MA 02108
Driving Directions


Kathryn Tomasek, Professor of History, Wheaton College, Norton, MA

Presenting Organization

Paul Revere Memorial Association



Series Title: "A War of Divisions: The Impact and Aftermath of the American Civil War"

Lecture title: "A Grand Tour During the Civil War: The Wheatons Go to Europe"

In addition to affecting the families of soldiers, the Civil War also had a profoundly disruptive effect on business. In April 1862, Eliza Baylies Wheaton embarked for England with her husband Laban Morey Wheaton and his cousin and business partner David Emory Holman on a business trip to Europe. Kathryn Tomasek, Professor of History at Wheaton College in Norton, Massachusetts, will show how all three travelers used this trip as an opportunity for tourism in English and European cities during the second summer of the Civil War, making the best of a bad situation at home.